Keep it real

Everyone knows someone who they think probably leads the perfect life. Nobody is perfect,  and if they try to make you believe that they are, then they are just fooling themselves.

We are all perfectly imperfect works in progress.  Likewise,  we can’t be expected to like everyone… I know that I definitely don’t. 

As a Christian,  I still have to choose to love people who I don’t necessarily like. I can still try to be nice to someone,  who I feel has betrayed my (or my family’s)  trust…the operative word being “Nice”. 

This is an area that I am struggling with at the moment.  I struggle to trust in general.  Now, I have to continue to trust someone, whose deception I can see right through? 

I can choose to love them,  but it’s even harder to trust them. I know that l’m not the only one dealing with this, right?

I know that there are many sides to every story, but what about your gut feeling?  What if your intuition is telling you that something isn’t right, but up until now,  you’ve had to keep your mouth shut in order to keep the peace?

I struggle to express how I feel verbally,  so I tend to think about everything a bit too much. By the time I have thought things through,  the season to speak up has passed. I admit that I am extremely hypersensitive, so my emotions take over far too often.  When I am convinced of something,  then no one can change my mind…I am just that stubborn. Or, so I think…

I will go from one extreme to the next: one moment I will be 100% sure of myself,  then someone close to me, will speak to me (in a tone of voice that has a drop of condemnation dripping from it), and I will feel victimised.  It’s not intentional,  I’m just wired that way.

I know how annoying it is, for someone to appear perfect,  but no one is. We all have our own struggles and insecurities; our own victories over areas that only we know about. No one is as two dimensional as they appear. We all have certain triggers that cause us to react in specific ways to everything we go through. 

Which brings me to GRACE.

I might not like someone or want to be friends with them on Facebook (I don’t like sharing something so personal with someone I don’t trust), but I will be genuinely courteous and polite to them when I see them.

I might not always succeed in this area, but I will never pretend that I have truly perfected my actions and intentions either. We are not perfect,  and it’s time that we start treating each other with agape love and respect,  instead of pretending that we are flawless.

I do apologise if my thoughts are a bit muddled, but at least you can now understand why I choose to say the words I do sometimes.  

Be blessed.


Author: caeranoelle

I am a singer, songwriter and author. I'm all about being real, regardless of how it makes me look. Life is too short to be pandering to every want that people have. I choose to be a God pleaser, because I am done with being a people pleaser. Be blessed.

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